Osram Historic

aeroplane.bmp factory1.bmp  Hammersmith c1916? factory2.bmp  Hammersmith c1916? factory3.bmp  Hammersmith c1916? factorycurrent (2)
l 1910 oldlamp1 l 1925 oldauto1 l 1935 oldlamp2 l 1954 oldFO1 l 1957 oldauto2
l 1968 oldFO2 l 1971 oldauto l 1994 oldFO3 l 1997 oldlamp3 l firsttungsten
lion (2).bmp street l azo Osram MED250 box Untitled picture.png
2001 0407AB  Part of the collection of vintage lamps on display at the Head Office in Langley, Berkshire.