Pignotto 2008

icon0 italian  I love this clever, graphic image from Italy 20080502 010  There were masses and masses of poppies this year 20080916 010  In Urbino I caught this lad studying hard the girl's rear!  Peter, Maureen and Jenni are still enjoying their coffee. 20080916 015d  Just one example of the truly magnificent marquetry in the Palazzo Ducale, Urbino. It was fantastic 20080920 PJ 045  Through a window of the Palazzo Ducale - lovely photo Jenni. 20080523 031  Flora keeping warm
20080919 045  One of the several 'Black Madonnas' we have seen though we have no idea what they mean so see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Madonna 20080920 PJ 108  Carlo turned up with this lot one afternoon. It was all wonderful. 20080924 010  The inside of the main church in Montedinove (pop 500!) which has a relic of St Thomas a'Beckett 20080925 PJ 135 20081017 08  The solar panels of Offida from the bottom 20080925 PJ 137  ...........from the top 20080925 PJ 151  Also in Offida - 16th Century grafitti
20080925 PJ 227  Maureen admiring Pininfarina's Snaidero kitchen. Personally I prefer his Ferraris 20080930 044  The silver alter in the Duomo at Ascoli 20080930 PJ 100a  Another good shot by Jenni. 20080930 PJ 254  The grape picking machine which Carlo used to pick his grapes which made us redundant.........almost 20080930 PJ 281  A classy sunset over M Sibilla 20081012 40  A view of the top of our lane with the tiny church at the top
20081012 42  M Ascenscione (1108m slm) from just above the house 20081012 55a  Montedinove in the autumn sunshine 20081013 04  Maureen and Flora by the new 'war memorial' in the garden - well it looks like one to us.