Pignotto 2009

20090516 Pignotto 076  The magnificent hand painted marble in Montalto 20090527 Pignotto 110 20090601 Pignotto 120  After 3 1/2 days of rain in May 20090605 Pignotto 126  Flying saucers near Ascoli 20090614 Pignotto 141  The 'terrifying' River Tesino which took down an 80m stone bridge a few years ago! Don't know how. 20090615 Pignotto 165  A lovely roundel window in the Duomo in Ascoli
20090616 Pignotto 179  A small part of the market in San Benedetto 20090617 Pignotto 228  The tiny opera house in Offida 20090623 Pignotto 299  The hairy church in Rotella. It's in the midst of restoration 20090627 Pignotto 351  Sunflowers about to burst forth 20090617 Pignotto 256  For once Flora is unconcerned that Palino's getting close to one of her people. 20090627 Pignotto 362  A storm and the sun over Montalto    A storm and the sun over Montalto    A storm and the sun over Montalto
20090903 Pignotto 405  Sitting in the sun at Campofilone 20090903 Pignotto 423  Just another Montedinove Sunset 20090920 Pignotto 462  Can't imagine what they are for. I didn'y buy them. 20090928 Pignotto 497 20090928 Pignotto 505  From old Grottamare looking over the town to the Adriatic 20090928 Pignotto 537  The magnificent art nouveau Villa Matricardi in Grottamare
20090928 Pignotto 541 20090929 Pignotto 566  Home grown pomegranate 20090928 Pignotto 486  Carlo's pride and joy which are delicious 20091003 Pignotto 606  Here's where the 'special, hand picked' grapes end up 20091003 Pignotto 607  Actually this is where they end up 20091013 Pignotto 693  Monte Priora from the garden on a magnificent autumn afternoon
20091015 Pignotto 742  `An autumn composition, pomegranates and olives from the garden