A12 04  1993-1997 A12 07  'Scorching' round the Goodwood chicane in A12 a12 07a  On a trip in Scotland, under Ben Nevis I think A12 14  Mucky and tired outside Gracy's house near Bordeaux N7 07  1997-1999
N7 01  I'm going as fast as I can at Cadwell but it looks as though I am parking it :-( N7 02  Me leading the pack (or about to be lapped) at Cadwell Park (easily my favourite) in N7 N7 13  On the Prescott Hill Climb (ok it's the flat bit!) n797LeSept02  We stop for lunch at La Rochelle n797LeSept03  In the Paddock at the Circuit Atlantique
n798LeSept03  A slippery afternoon on the Val de Vienne circuit in central France Sevens46  Apparently I'm up front somewhere but it does give a good impression of what it's like behind thewheel of a Seven which is almost universally held to be just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on